Play and Train, asociación de deporte adaptado

João Zamith

Born in 1975, has dedicated his life to watersports and maritime affairs.
He holds a degree in Management and Masters degree in European Studies from
University of Coimbra with a thesis on “European Integrated Maritime Policy”.
Actualy is member of management committee of European Network of Outdoor Sports
(ENOS), president of Surf Clube de Viana e director of Surfing Viana High Performance
He´s also a Member of Permanent Forum on Portuguese Maritime Affairs and Member
of Monitoring Committee of the Regional Agenda for the Sea.
Former Professional Surfer, Portuguese Surfing Team Coach and former European
Bodyboard Champion.
«Integrated Maritime Policy – a tailor-made policy for Portugal?».
«Watersports as driven force to develop Northern Portugal»
«Environmental Guide for Watersports Centers»
«Sustainable Management Guide for Watersport Events»
“Northern Portugal Watersport Tourism Guide”
“Atlantic Sea Educational Tool Kit”