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Our Fuerteventura base, located in the north of the island, has an accessible sports centre in Corralejo. It has a large courtyard with swimming pool and adapted bathroom, rooms, kitchen and a common room. The centre can be enjoyed as a family, with friends or as a camp. Water, beach, cycling and cultural activities are offered.

SURFING all year round

The mild temperatures and the fact that we have waves all year round make Fuerteventura the ideal place for surfing. The Play and Train Adapted Sports Centre has all kinds of adapted equipment so that people with disabilities can enjoy the waves with the board that best suits their needs.

Infinity Board

The surfboard model Infinity – California is designed for surfers with spinal cord injuries, cerebral palsy or reduced mobility in the lower limbs for surfing lying down.

Its central groove allows the surfer to sit up and have a more upright torso position. It has two side handles for steering.


The surfboard model Notox – France is designed for surfers with spinal cord injuries, cerebral palsy or reduced mobility in the lower limbs for surfing lying down.

The cork coated material allows to have a rigid but better shock absorbing board designed for beginners. It has different handles for both the surfer and the instructor to hold it.


The use of the inflatable paddle surf board is designed for surfers with poor balance.

Its large surface area gives them greater stability and, being inflatable, cushions the blows.


Ordinary soft boards are those used for all people with good mobility in the lower limbs and good balance.

They are beginners’ boards covered with foam to protect surfers from possible bumps.


Bodyboards allow you to catch the waves lying down, making it ideal for people with very little balance, with a lot of fear or small children who are just starting out in the sport.

Its soft material avoids bumps and the lying position allows you to flow with the wave and have the first sensations of sliding in the water.

Play and Train has beach chairs so that wheelchair users or those with lower limb mobility problems can move more comfortably on the sand and enter the water.


The Hippocamp is a multi-activity wheelchair. It offers autonomy to its user in difficult terrain and its push bar allows a third person to help comfortably.

It is lightweight, detachable and easily transportable. It is ideal for use on the beach and nautical activities.

JOB Chair

The J.O.B. chair, although it allows less autonomy, facilitates the transport of heavier people.

Designed so that everyone can have access to the water, its large wheels allow it to float and make it easy to handle on the sand.

Beyond Surfing

Fuerteventura offers many other activities beyond surfing.

Apart from the waves, the island stands out for its strong wind, its spectacular volcanic landscapes and its cultural richness.


Play and Train has bicycles and handbikes, adapted bicycles that are propelled by the strength of the arms. We offer introductory spaces to try out and adapt to the equipment, as well as more complete routes to discover new places on the island.


Fuerteventura, a windswept island. If you want to feel the power of this wind and learn how to master a kite, get started in the world of kitesurfing. From the sand, standing up or using an adapted beach chair, learn to tame the kite and feel all its power.

Horse riding

In the equestrian activities, we will not only ride horses, but we will also learn a whole new method of how to teach, care for and interact with them.

Cultural Activities

Fuerteventura is an island with a rich history and culture. Discover the statues of Guise and Ayose and the history behind these two kings, Betancuria, the ancient capital of the island, or how Gofio was handmade with the help of the wind.

Inclusive sport program la oliva

The ‘Deporte x Todos’ programme is an initiative of Play and Train together with the Town Council of La Oliva, which allows children with disabilities in the municipality to practice sport on a regular basis. The activities welcome children with disabilities and are open to the participation of their siblings and family members, thus favouring integration.

During the school year, participants in the programme play sports at least twice a week. These sports are related to the natural environment of the island, thus encouraging them to get to know and respect it. In addition, once a month, the children spend the weekend away from home doing different types of activities, both sporting and educational. The benefits of these activities are twofold: not only do they allow the participants to gain autonomy and security by separating from their parents, but they also provide a break for the family.

In addition to all the benefits that sport, coexistence and contact with nature bring on a personal level to the children, it has also allowed the creation of a network allowing families in the same circumstances to get to know and support each other.

Un niño y una niña con una gran sonrisa en el borde de la piscina con su monitora detrás


Play and Train is committed to the territory.

We landed on the Canary Island 10 years ago and it stole our hearts. Since then we have established ourselves through inclusive sports activities, trying to promote awareness and respect for the environment, as well as the integration of people with disabilities in society.

Throughout the year we offer sports and leisure activities, including surfing, kite surfing, handbike riding and cultural activities. We offer tailor-made active holidays or camps for groups of friends and families.

Thanks to the Sport for All programme we make it possible for local children and their families to benefit from the possibilities that the island has to offer through extra-curricular activities and social gatherings..


 Adapted Sport Center Fuerteventura
Calle Alcaudón, 14 – Vivienda 1
35660 Corralejo (La Oliva)

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