Adapted sports center

La Molina

Play and Train has been managing the Adapted Sports Centre at La Molina mountain resort for more than 10 years, offering sports activities for people with disabilities and their families/friends throughout the year.

Private or group ski and snowboard lessons, snowshoeing, cycling and handbike outings, accessible excursions, climbing or different activities in La Molina, such as the cable car ride to the top of La Tossa or the adventure park in the trees, are some of the activities offered.


Mono-ski and DUAL-SKI

The skier rides on a fibreglass seat padded with thermoformable foams, attached to a suspension chassis that is connected to one or two skis, depending on the user’s disability and balance.

The skier is assisted by stabilisers (crutches with a small ski at the tip). These are used for balance, turning and moving on flat areas.

These chairs are specially designed to be able to use the ski lifts completely independently. At the start, an assistance or piloting bar is used, which is placed at the back, making it possible to be guided or assisted by a monitor.

El Ski-Kart de Tessier es una adaptación que puede ser utilizada por personas con afectación en las extremidades inferiores.


The Ski Kart does not require the use of stabilisers. Two levers at waist level help to operate the skis.

It is primarily intended for people with high spinal cord injury, people without balance and/or strength in arms or hands, and people with other disabilities who have difficulty using stabilisers. The movements made by the skier start from the arms and hands thanks to two levers that connect directly to the skis, the person who operates them can control the speed, turning and braking. The instructor skis behind and is connected to the ski kart by a lifeline to assist in the use of the ski lifts and to help with braking if necessary.


The skier rides on a fibreglass seat, high backrest, padded with deformable foams. It carries two skis which gives more stability and manoeuvrability. The steering bar for the instructor to direct the movement of the chair.

Modality for any type of disability and especially designed for people with severe disabilities and multiple disabilities.

En la baquette un instructor te acompaña pilotando la silla por las pistas de esquí
El Tandem Flex es una adaptación en el que piloto y cliente van encima de los mismos esquís, teniendo una mayor sensación a deslizamiento y velocidad.


The skier rides on a seat in a reclined position attached to the chassis with suspension and lift system for the use of ski lifts. It carries two skis, which gives it more stability and manoeuvrability. The instructor pilots the tandem by means of a handlebar attached to the seat. Both skier and rider enjoy the pleasure of the route and the scenery. The sliding sensation is impressive, given its position close to the snow.

Modality for any type of disability and especially designed for people with severe disabilities and multiple disabilities.

3 footsteps

Three-track skiers use one ski and two long stabilisers (crutches with a small ski at the tip), together they form the three points of support on the snow.

This type of skiing is suitable for people with an upper or lower limb disability, as well as multiple diseases (e.g. poliomyelitis, hemiplegia, spina bifida, ALS, etc.).

4 footsteps

Four-track skiers use both skis and long stabilisers (crutches with a small ski at the tip) or poles.

This type of skiing is suitable for disabled people with some lower limb mobility, strength and balance (e.g. some cerebral palsy, incomplete spinal cord injury, multiple sclerosis, brain injury or lower limb amputations). People who walk with the aid of a cane or crutches are also candidates for this modality.

In some cases, braces can be used to connect the spatulas and/or skates of the skis to keep them in a parallel position and prevent them from crossing each other.

Visually impaired skiing

Visually impaired skiers ski with a guide. A skier-guide communication code is established: the guide skis in front describing the terrain, its variations and the directions being taken.

The guide-skier rapport is very important, as one becomes the eyes of the other and the two skiers go down as one, as one.

People with sufficient visual acuity follow the guide visually, who skis a few metres ahead. The skier has to follow the guide precisely, trying to follow the line of his skis. In the case of totally blind skiers, the speed is slower, as they are guided only by sound, following the guide’s voice, which is amplified by a loudspeaker on their back.

El esquiador con discapacidad visual y el guía llevan petos para que se los reconozca.

Snow shoes

Snowshoes are a material that is attached to the boots and is used to move more comfortably and quickly on snowy or icy terrain. We offer guided excursions to different places in the resort, individually or in groups.


In the summer months the Adapted Sports Centre of La Molina offers inclusive activities for the whole family. Play and Train has mapped accessible routes that allow cycling excursions around the Cerdanya valley and the Costa Brava. The Centre has different types of bicycles for hire. You can choose the one that best suits your needs.

For the more daring, a downhill cycling activity is offered at the La Molina Bikepark, with accompaniment and equipment hire included.

Downhill Quadricycle

The ATV is a four-wheeled bicycle designed for downhill riding. Perfect for those looking for a thrilling and adrenaline-filled experience.

The bike is built around a carbon fibre monocoque seat, similar to those used by skiers in a chair, with various straps to adjust to each user.

It is operated with handlebars like those used on conventional mountain bikes. It has hydraulic disc brakes and independent suspension on all four wheels. It does not have pedals, as it is designed for downhill riding.

Cuadriciclo de montaña para descenso

Downkill handbike

A handbike, or handcycle, designed for strong emotions, made to go down the most technical paths and trails, in short, a handbike designed for descents that will make you unload adrenaline.

Unlike other handbikes, this mountain handbike has a double wheel at the front instead of at the back, in order to guarantee greater stability and better control on descents. Also, the rider’s position is more forward and remains half upright, allowing the weight to be carried forward on descents.

It has pedals for the flat or gently sloping sections that can be found on the different routes. The pedalling is alternating, as in conventional bicycles, and not simultaneous as in other handbikes.


This is a mountain handbike equipped with an electric motor that will allow you to do those routes that are out of reach with manual handbikes.

It is designed for athletes with paraplegia, mobility problems in the lower limbs or amputations who cannot use their legs to pedal. The position is with the legs stretched out and placed on a footrest support and with the option of graduating the inclination of the backrest for a better adjustment to each user.

This handbike has 27 speeds, two disc brakes on the front wheel and an electric motor with 4 different pedalling assistance options.

Designed for all types of routes with less effort and without the need for great physical fitness.


The all-terrain handbike is designed for cyclists who want to cycle both on and off-road routes.

It is designed for athletes with paraplegia, mobility problems in the lower limbs or amputations who cannot use their legs to pedal.

The position is with the legs stretched out and placed on a footrest support and with the option of graduating the inclination of the backrest for a better adjustment to each user.

This handbike has 27 speeds and a disc brake on the front wheel.

Designed for routes on all types of roads, whether tarmac or dirt.

Road handbike

This 27-speed handbike is equipped with a front disc brake and road wheels that will allow you to go with minimum effort on roads and compact roads.

It is the perfect handbike for beginners and intermediate riders.

Its backrest, footrest and seat are adjustable. Thus, it adapts perfectly to each user. It also has a seat and back cushion.

It has a safety belt: chest and leg belts. It also has a rear bumper, safety flag, chain guard, reflectors and parking brake.

Handbike for touring

A perfect handbike for walking and developing the upper limbs while enjoying outdoor sport.

It offers an easy way to pedal, steer and brake the bike using only the arms. Designed for people with lower limb disabilities.

It is available in high seat and low seat versions, depending on the capabilities of each user.

Its frame, seat and backrest are adjustable, allowing the handbike to be adapted to the size of each user, even for children.

It has an easy-to-use seven-speed gearbox.

Tricycle for the severly disabled

A tricycle specially designed for people with special needs. Our Micah tricycle is the perfect companion for people with cerebral palsy or similar disabilities.

Its use promotes children’s growth and learning in a healthy, fun and safe way. It is the perfect choice to increase their confidence, independence and mobility.

It is designed to adapt to each user: both the length of the frame and the position and height of the seat are adjustable, making it possible to maintain the ideal position.

A connecting strap connects the fork and rear handlebar to allow the passenger to walk behind the trike to control the speed or help steer if necessary.

Fully adjustable, secure and padded handlebars for maximum comfort.


With three points of support, they are the vehicle for cyclists whose disability affects their balance or for those with learning difficulties for a conventional bicycle.

It has an easy-to-use gear change, parking brake, rear basket for carrying luggage and adjustable seat.

The best option for those who want to enjoy cycling in an easy and safe way.


The tandem is a bicycle for two users that allows people with visual impairment or reduced mobility to enjoy cycling.

The steering of the bicycle is in the hands of the non-disabled person, who occupies the front seat, and in the back seat the disabled person provides traction and balance.

Dos hombres en bici y handbike antes de iniciar el descenso por el bikepark

All year round

The Centre for Adapted Sports activities manages the different activities offered by the resort of La Molina, as well as other adventure companies, which can be carried out in a way that is adapted to everyone throughout the year.


A fun and easy activity to do. Designed to be enjoyed with the family and a group of friends. Activity located in the family area of the Johan Cruyff beginners’ track, next to the Centre. In short, a slide where you go down inside a giant doughnut.

Adventure park

Adventure circuit through the trees of La Molina with zip lines, Tibetan bridges and suspension bridges, among other adventures. There are several circuits of different levels, suitable for all ages, with a minimum age of 4 years old. For people with reduced mobility, there is the option of an adapted zip line.

Cable car

Ascent to La Tosa de Alp on a delightful ride with the gondola lift, enjoying the views of the resort, the Cerdanya valley and all the surrounding peaks.

The gondola lift is the resort’s landmark. It is the access route to the La Molina area, the summit of La Tosa de Alp (2,537m) and the Niu de l’Àliga refuge. It overcomes a difference in altitude of 900m and offers a panoramic view of Cerdanya. The gondola ride lasts approximately 20 minutes and is a perfect activity for people of all ages.

Tirolina adaptada para personas con movilidad reducida

Discover the Pyrenees with PLAY AND TRAIN

We offer activities throughout the year. If you want to get started in the world of snow or improve your technique during the winter months, from November to April depending on the snow conditions, we offer ski and snowboard lessons for people with disabilities and their companions.

When the snow is gone and the temperatures rise, you can rent one of our adapted bicycles and discover the Cerdanya valley. We also offer guiding so that one of our professionals can show you around and assist you on the different routes.

We organise and accompany you on your visit to the Pyrenees to discover the most emblematic places. If you want more information about which is the best adaptation for you or if you need help, do not hesitate to contact us.


 Adapted Sports Center La Molina, next to the Johan Cruyff slope (P1 – Cable car).

 Phone: +34 679 877 482


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