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The main mission of Play and Train’s Sports Section is to organise inclusive activities for people with a disability, also allowing non-disabled people to participate. It focuses on sports in the natural environment, looking for a format in which participants can enjoy sports in a group.

To belong to it and benefit from all the programmes, an annual fee (from October to October) of 30€ must be paid.

The Sports Section is divided into three sections or groups of activities:


The aim of the snow programme is to give people with disabilities, as well as their families and friends, access to skiing and/or snowboarding on a regular basis during the winter at La Molina.


Development of programmes to educate people with and without disabilities while they learn to ride the waves. This programme runs from May to October in Fuerteventura and El Prat de Llobregat.


Through the adventure programme we plan inclusive outdoor activities with a wide range of activities: cycling, zip-lining, hiking, climbing, etc.


The adventure section of the Sports Section aims to bring adventure sports closer to people with disabilities and their families or friends so that they can enjoy nature and physical activity together.

We plan different inclusive outdoor outings with a wide variety of activities: cycling, zip-lining, hiking, climbing, etc. We also offer multi-adventure camps for boys and girls in different formats during the month of August.


The multi-activity camp is aimed at all those people, children or young people, who want to spend 3 days full of sport and adventure. The activities are designed to include people with severe disabilities.

Our “base camp” is located in the mountain resort of La Molina where we will learn and have fun doing a variety of sports.

Adventure sports require constant physical activity so it will be good for our health, at the same time they allow us to develop social skills with other participants. These three days allow us to disconnect from the day to day to connect with nature with current sports


The camps consist of three days and two nights and take place at the beginning of September in La Molina. Each day is divided into two blocks, morning and afternoon, with different activities and a short break after lunch.

Location: La Molina
Dates: from the 5th to the 7th of August
Price: 441€

Download the activities programme


The Casal Probitas is an initiative that was born in 2017 together with the Probitas Foundation and has been evolving to adapt to the needs of its beneficiaries. This project is aimed at children and young people from the Cerdanya region with disabilities, migrants and/or at risk of social exclusion. Its aim is to ensure that these people have access to a space for leisure and physical activity during the summer.


The Casal Probitas is divided into three weeks of activity from Monday to Friday and from 9h to 18h in the afternoon. Although the base camp is in La Molina, transport is offered from Puigcerdà train station.

Each day is divided into two blocks, morning and afternoon activities, lunch with a short break and a snack before returning home. We carry out adventure activities such as cycling, horse riding, circus workshop, cooperative games, etc.; as well as educational and awareness activities.

Location: Cerdanya and Berguedà regions
Dates: from the 8th to the 26th of August on weekdays
Price: fully subsidisedfor children at risk of social exclusion

Become a member!

Become a member of the Play and Train Sports Section and enjoy inclusive sports activities all year round. During the winter we offer different programmes so that you can find the one that best suits you. The rest of the year continue to enjoy the sea and the mountains with surfing and adventure activities.

If you are looking for a cycling trip or to see what activities you can do with the family in summer in La Molina, visit the section Adapted Sports Centre of La Molina where you will find all the information.

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 Adapted Sports Center La Molina, next to the Johan Cruyff slope (P1 – Cable car).

 +34 679 877 482

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