Real Stories

Achieving autonomy

Fran Sola has been involved in sport all his life. For several years he competed with the Spanish Paratriathlon team. In 2020 he decided to take on a new challenge and take up another sport, skiing. He started skiing with Play and Train in La Molina and in a period of one year he has managed to enjoy the snow in total autonomy. In this interview she tells us about her experience: what it has been like learning to ski and what fears or barriers she has had to face.

Fran highlights the insecurities he felt on the first day in an environment very different from his own, but there was something that got him hooked: “The first day was very difficult, I remember saying: it’s very difficult and it scares me a lot but there is a point there that I like and I want to get to control it”

Another aspect that Fran liked about skiing was the autonomy it gives him when it comes to sharing this sport with his friends. Once he is on the ski chair, he doesn’t need their help, but can enjoy the downhill together at the same level.

He also says that one of the things he has enjoyed most about skiing is the feeling of freedom: “being up here in the mountains, feeling free, going downhill…”.

We are grateful to Fran for sharing with us his sensations on skis and allowing us to get excited with him. Let’s keep enjoying the snow!