Inclusive Sport La Oliva

Inclusive sport program la oliva

The ‘Deporte x Todos’ programme is an initiative of Play and Train together with the Town Council of La Oliva, which allows children with disabilities in the municipality to practice sport on a regular basis. The activities welcome children with disabilities and are open to the participation of their siblings and family members, thus favouring integration.

During the school year, participants in the programme play sports at least twice a week. These sports are related to the natural environment of the island, thus encouraging them to get to know and respect it. In addition, once a month, the children spend the weekend away from home doing different types of activities, both sporting and educational. The benefits of these activities are twofold: not only do they allow the participants to gain autonomy and security by separating from their parents, but they also provide a break for the family.

In addition to all the benefits that sport, coexistence and contact with nature bring on a personal level to the children, it has also allowed the creation of a network allowing families in the same circumstances to get to know and support each other.

Un niño y una niña con una gran sonrisa en el borde de la piscina con su monitora detrás




Improvement of social relations

Improvement of autonomy


Transmission of values